Bioforce HRV

$194 or 2 payments of $97

The BioForce HRV system includes everything you need unlock the true potential of HRV training:

  • Bluetooth chest strap or finger sensor
  • Ultimate Guide to HRV Training
  • Mobile Application for iOS or Android
  • 2.0 Web Integrated Dashboard
  • Private Community Forum
  • 90 day money-back guarantee
  • Lifetime Support

Select Your Sensor

Bluetooth Chest Strap

Includes the BioForce HRV bluetooth heart rate strap designed specifically for accurate HRV measurements

HRV Finger sensor

Easy to use. Works with all iOS devices, Android Samsung Galaxy series,Tab 3, HTC One

I already have a compatible sensor

BioForce HRV works with Polar H6, Polar H7, Cardiosport, and U39 transmitter belts. Wrist based HR sensors are not accurate enough for HRV at this time